Making the Moments

Those who know me, know I love pictures. Since childhood I've longed to take pictures, look at pictures, be in pictures and show other people really cool pictures! Photography has been my comfort, my adventure and most of all my pleasure. Though I've taken thousands of pictures of everything from night life in Singapore to macro images of envelopes (seriously) my happy place is with people. My mind was created to freeze an expression, an eye twinkle, that slow-building, shy smile and to make it into a Moment that lasts forever. 

Since 2007, Moments by Jody has been built upon the philosphoy that a serieis of Moments documents life itself. You lived, you loved, you laughed. It's your life. And it's beautiful! On that note, my beautiful life is filled with a husband of 22 years and 6 fiesty, fantastic children. It's also filled with coffee, dark chocolate, fresh raspberries and...jalapeno cheddar cheetos! I love to travel and have never been away from home long enough that I wanted to get back. I even discount all my destination weddings $500 just because I get to fly on an airplane and drink coffee in a different city!

For me, photography is an art and a passion; it's also my job and hobby. But for you, photography is the Moment sitting on your nightstand. The Moment over your mantal and the Moments in that coffee table book showcasing your beautiful life. That's why I named my business Moments. I'm Jody Robinson and together we make the Moments.